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Haridwar – a godly drenching

Today we drove from Delhi to Haridwar where the mighty Ganges comes out of the Himalaya mountains, poor Lee had flown out from the UK in a nice BA plane, into the nice new airport and spent a day in the calm peace of the Lutyens bungalow…then we drove out …

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Hill forts of India

After the resting day in Delhi, and then the full immersion into the river fire cermony (not to mention the monsoon) it was time to get back to nature and a driving challenge for Nelson. We set a target to reach the hill fort of Lansdown in the jungle covered …

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To cross China as an Overlander, in you own car, is one of the most difficult transits we face in the world.  The reason is that the Chinese Government does not recognise your registration in the UK, does not accept the Carnet, requires you to be with a guide, on …

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The Pamir Highway

The Pamir highway was one of the highlights of our trip, it is remote and very high at around 4700M which is a long way up when you are getting up there in just one day in the car from 1600m the day before, normally the recommended ascent to avoid …

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We decided today to bypass the town of Bishkek and instead take a rougher but more scenic road to a little high level lake called Song Kul, We set off from our overnight campsite on a beach on the shore of Issky Kul after a nice swim We made good …

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After Almaty we headed south east to Charon Canyon, known as the “Grand Canyon of Kazakhstan” it actually does not have the scale of the grand canyon but it is really pretty and quite dramatic as you can see from the pictures below. In the TV series “the long way …

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