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North Peru coast, a bit rubbish

This trip has been marked by the incredible variety of places we have seen and the dramatic changes in climate that occurred as we changed altitude over even half a day by 3000m or more.  In Columbia and Ecuador we went through many small villages and travelled a lot of …

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Pacific beach bums

The contrast in climate of South America over small distances continues to both surprise and delight me, as I write this I am listening to Pacific Ocean waves crash down on a beautiful beach in Northern Peru.  The temperature is about 22oC there is a light breeze, no insects and …

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Day of the dead (not us)

After the Jungle we headed to our last city in Ecuador Cuenca or Quenka as the locals pronounce it.  We had a plan to meet some internet friends Pat and Neil Hay there and catch up with tips and tales from the few years they have already spent in South …

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Jungle, chocolate and monkeys

One of the themes of our time in Ecuador has been the incredible variation of the country and climate, in earlier posts I covered some of the variety from volcanos to the coffee regions and the changes in temperature that can occur in just one days drive. Our next adventure, …

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