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Machu Picchu and Ollantaytambo

After our adventures in Lake Titicaca Duncan and I headed to the town of Cusco, which is the gateway to the Sacred Valley of the Incas.  Cuzco is a nice little town just on the edge of being over-run with tourist infrastructure, but clean and tidy, safe and with nice …

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Nazca Lines and Inca Ports

After our day of adventurous driving across the desert we were due to drop into the tourist groove and check out the Nazca lines in the desert and the ancient Inca Ruins at Puerto Inca on the coast.  As it turned out bouncing around the sky looking at lines and …

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Desert days

I was a little concerned that the next portion of the trip with Duncan would be a little bit too “touristy” or tame, after all the run from Lima to the white city of Arequipa, the lake at Titicaca and then on to Cusco and the top sight of Machu …

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Changeover Day

It has been an interesting element of my trips that I have had different friends join me on these trips as well as Lee.  In the early days Colin Muir was my first passenger as we ran a half marathon in Belgium and then took the bicycles around the battlefields …

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North Peru coast, a bit rubbish

This trip has been marked by the incredible variety of places we have seen and the dramatic changes in climate that occurred as we changed altitude over even half a day by 3000m or more.  In Columbia and Ecuador we went through many small villages and travelled a lot of …

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Pacific beach bums

The contrast in climate of South America over small distances continues to both surprise and delight me, as I write this I am listening to Pacific Ocean waves crash down on a beautiful beach in Northern Peru.  The temperature is about 22oC there is a light breeze, no insects and …

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