About Celtic Rover

Celtic Rover site has been created to document a series of adventures around the world in Nelson a converted Land Rover Defender.

The history of the build of the Defender is covered in the site in detail but in summary it was a standard farmers Defender, 20 years old and converted by me for overland travel by Coastline Campers and Gemm 4*4 to my specifications.

Nelson, as we call the defender, has been proven in advance on a big baltic sea loop trip to St Petersburg and a run around Morocco for a few weeks with some experienced overlanders which really helped finalise the design and modifications.

I have completed a 50,000km trip over six months starting in May 2018 and picking up Iran, the Stans, Russia, Mongolia, China, Nepal India and Pakistan. I called it “the roof of the world tour”, because we pick up the very highest border Himalaya passes and the Pamir Highway on the route, reaching 4600m.  You can see the full route in the location page.

The next big objective was a six month tour of South America starting in Columbia in July and finishing around Buenos Aires in March which we successfully completed just as Covid changed the world.

Our current trip “Celtic Safari” is down the west coast of Africa, leaving in August I hope to be in Namibia before Christmas so I can get back for the holidays, and few months, before returning to tour around Southern Africa, originally the intention was to drive home via Egypt but events in Sudan may mean we have to ship home from Mombasa instead, perhaps just as well as I am needed at my daughters wedding in July!

Along the way I am sometimes joined by my wife Lee or other friends and occasionally travel by myself.  Hopefully we will see some of you along the way or you will join us virtually as we travel!

Gerry Mulligan October 2023