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Shipping to South America

Nelson is on his way ! After been driven the 7 hours to Felixstowe harbour Nelson is on his way loaded into a container organised by Martin at IVSS UK who is also the main admin on the Overland Sphere websites, his day job these days is organising shipping our …

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Update on Plans Aug 2019

This is just a short update on how the plans for South America are evolving and how the time has been spent since returning from the Roof of the World Tour. So the current Plan is for Nelson to leave the UK in September in a container for Cartegena while …

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South America Plan

Outline South America Plan for sharing Approx Date Location Comments       1st June to 21 June Norway loop Proving run for the truck prior to shipping to Columbia 24th June to 18th July Rotterdam – Cartegena Nelson shipping to Columbia 18th July to 6th August Columbia Pick up …

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