Kenya well organised

I am working my way through Kenya quite gently, keeping the kms low as I am driving on my own and taking advantage of the generous hospitality of Lee’s cousin in Nairobi, I camp in the shadow of Mt Kenya and in the shadow of Mt Kilimanjaro while visiting some more of the rift valley lakes and the national Parks.
Clearly Safari holidays are a big thing here, not my type of self drive Safari but loads of tourists being driven around in Landcruisers with big windows and pop up tops between the parks and the luxury lodges (very similiar to the trucks we used when we went on Safari in Tanzinia as a family). After driving myself around Africa it seems a bit packaged and organised to me, but thats just the contrast I am sure the folks in the trucks are having a great time.
The main roads in Kenya are quite good, the pothole count is low but not zero and Nariobi is a proper big city now with freeways a built up town centre, malls and skyscrapers. Fortunately Lees cousin Alison and her husband live in a lovely house overlooking a tea plantation in the hills and generously allow me to camp on their lawn, bemused that I prefer to stay in my truck rather than in their luxury ensuite guest bedroom!
Off the main roads and in the parks the roads are back to rough washboard thanks to the heavy rains and some of the smaller roads are eroded quite badly into a very narrow track with some big ruts or flooded bits, nothing to worry Nelson but I have to put my game head back on to make sure I don’t tip the truck. I am rewarded with some good game sightings not such great pictures as the lions were too far away and I still need to get better at manual focus.
Although I saw Killy tonight I am hoping for a better picture tomorrow before heading into Tsavo parks for a few days ahead of starting the shipping process on Monday, just a few sleeps to go……
There are a few remaining Masai fishermen on Lake Baringo, the little canoe is made from balsa wood and the bird takes the small fish, we buy two fish to create the next picture
as we go around the island we spot a fish eagle and throw the fresh fish we have bought out to see if we can tempt one down
I take the back roads across to Mt Kenya, in places the water damage is significant and half the road is gone with some steep ditches to negoiated
After being covered in cloud all day Mt Kenya appears in the dawn, 30min later is is covered again in its blanket of cloud
My luxury accommodation in Nairobi, Alison and Tonys house and my spot on their lovely lawn, Nelson even had a clean up before I arrived
In the Amboseli park I first see camels, which I was not expecting
The flood damage has been pushed to one side and about half the roads open now
I had quite a few of these to weigh up as I crossed the park, as long as I could see that the safari trucks had recently been through I pushed on
I met this Masi herder while I was stopped for a cup of tea, he swapped a cold fanta for a photo, the Masai are quite keen on getting money
The roads are rough and very rippled in places so five hours of driving on this stuff is jarring
Loads of elephants in the park
This guy ambled towards me and then lost interest before I had to reverse out
Lots of bison and zebra
Another herd of elephants
Here you get an idea of the traffic in the parks in Kenya, it is a more intense experience than I am used to, but as I am on my own I can find my own way and mostly avoid being caught up in the traffic
Camped for the night Kilimanjaro peeks out as the cloud clears at sunset, I hope for better pictures in the morning

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