Malawi Farewell

Poppy and I have really enjoyed our time in Malawi, although the lost bag delayed us a few days, we used them well to get in some great Safari days in the National Parks, but now we have the offending bag we have to “crack on” to make up the lost time.
Never the less we have a nice time, cruising up the side of Lake Malawi is no hardship and we find a couple of nice lakeside camps so we feel we have made a reasonable attempt to sample the sights. We make a detour to Livingstonia and see a nice waterfall, only after I had to rescue Poppy from a spider situation in the jungle, walking in front of her with a big stick to remove the webs hanging over the path eventually did the trick.
To get from Livingstionia down to the lake for our final night is a 900m drop down a very rough and narrow track with hairpins too tight for the Land Rover, getting round them involves a reverse three point turn at 30o angle pointing straight down a cliff, Poppy was a little tense. We made it safely in low ratio.
While chilling at the beach we heard some British voices, two young medics were trying to get to the border but the camp owner was being less than helpful. We intervened and ended up with their rucsacs on the roof taking them across the border and onward.
Sadly time did not permit a more leisurely exploration of the mountain region, but Malawi has made a very positive impression on both of us as a very friendly and scenic place.
Camping by the lake we have a couple of great moonrises, we use the red lights as they do not attract the mosquitos like white lights do
As we head north we see the highland region creep up on us, sadly time does not allow for any exploration of the back roads across the mountains which are supposed to be spectacular but unpredictably slow
We do make an ascent to Livingstionia which gives us some sample of the highlands
The waterfall at Livingstonia is quite nice, getting to it involved some heroic dad battling with spiders webs hanging over the narrow jungle path
The 900m descent had about 15 harpins on rough rocky roads, this is one of the easier bits, on the tricky three point turn hairpins there was too much tension for photographs….
The track is just cut out of the side of the hill and it has been raining a lot here
Back to the lake and a second night of lovely moonrise
Our new team members Jess and Shinesha joined us for the border crossing to Tanzinia
As we approaced the border the land was busy with paddy fields and quite well organised rice crops
The border itself was complete chaos, trucks coming the wrong way churning up the mud and making progress difficult, Eventually i walked in front of the Landy clearing the way and Poppy drove through some very narrow gaps following my hand signals
Poppy continues to be a very capable pilot of Nelson, she has the speed and confidence of youth and good judgement

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