Solo in Rwanda

I continue to tootle through the beautiful west of Rwanda in the mountains along the short of lake Kivu. The roads are lovely and smooth, in fact people seem to sweep them with brooms each day, no kidding, this are main roads and gangs of ladies (usually) are walking along with makeshift brooms clearing leaves and trimming the edges neatly, perhaps this is some sort of goverment benefit scheme but it seems a bit excessive…
Equally surprisingly they have little gray automatic speed camera posts here, even on the remote roads, which are linked over the cell network to a central control, so you can be done for speeding many times before you realise, thankfully nice Irish Hugh who ran the hotel in Kigali warned me.
The country here is lovely the hills coming down to the lake and the fields well organised, everywhere people are walking or cycling on the side of the road, very few cars are seen despite the good roads. I fail to get good photographs mostly because it is hot and humid so everything is covered by a fine mist, tried my best but Tony would have done a better job.
I have now relaxed into Rwanda, again and again I am met in towns and campsites with friendly interested (english speaking) local people who reassure me of the safety of the country and are surprised when they hear of our earlier adventures.
Quite like Rwanda now, specially the west by the lakes
The lake area is like something you might see in Italy, lovely chains of islands and hotels perched over the lake
boats cruise over the lake fishing or running tourists to see the swimming cows
The mountian country is very nice, clouds threaten but no rain actually appears, I have been chasing the rains up through Africa, I think they will catch me in Uganda and Kenya
One of the many hundreds of ladies carefully trimming the edges of the road or sweeping leaves off the surface
As I move away from the lake I move in to the tea and coffee area, intense cultivation of even steep hillsides
The views are lovely to the eye but the mist and the sun make for difficult photographs
More tea plantations, these go on for more than 50km as I head to the volcano region and the border to Uganda
The sneaky speed cameras, unmanned and automatically connected to a control centre in Kigali, it can get expensive if you don’t take care
I set up in the very nice gardens of Suza house waiting for my evisa to arrive, thankfully at 8pm at night it pops into my inbox ready for the next days border crossing
A nice french family with three kids are travelling in the same direction having shipped down to Kenya from Oman, brave to travel with three young kids for a planned two years

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