A tale of three rivers

A tale of three rivers….

At the end of our adventurous loop through the north west corner of Namibia, Duncan and I were feeling very pleased that we were on the last section of the route. We came around a corner and saw a great view of a running river so stopped to see if there was any wildlife visible.

As we admired the river flow by quite quickly, I had a chilling thought, “Duncan” I said, “I hope we don’t have to cross this river to get out?” To understand my concern it is useful to know that there are no bridges in this part of Namibia, I really mean none, the rivers run so rarely that the main roads just dip into the river and they bulldoze any debris away once the river stops flowing. On tracks like ours they just make a new track across the river after the flood.


need to add four videos to this post via youtube

Returning to the car and consulting the map we realised we had to cross the river three times to get out of the valley.

The challenge of a river crossing is not usually the river itself, these are normally shallow rivers only knee deep, and Nelson can wade to a meter safely with snorkels etc.

The danger is that it turns the river bed into soft mud that bogs the truck down, or more critically the river erodes the soft soil of the bank and creates a steep or vertical step on the exit of the river so we cannot drive out up the slope.

We managed all three crossings as you can see in our little videos below, Duncan even drove one were the exit was into soft sand

When we got to the campsite the nice owner asked us where we had come from, when we told him he said “really I thought that way was closed, my friend tried it yesterday and turned back”

Not to us ……

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