Camp domestics on the road

It is important when on the road to keep up with sorting out the camp domestics such as shopping, fridge arrangements, cupboard stocking, clothes washing (and drying!) and being microbiology monitor….(I took this role much more seriously than G…possibly because I spend most of my working life researching parasites and other interesting pathogens).

Food (important for morale)…when wild camping it is good to be able to make something quickly and useful staples are instant noodles or omelettes supplemented with garlic sausage, onions, garlic, chili and cheese! Spices, chili, cumin, coriander, fennel seeds all really useful along with mustard, salt and pepper.

Treats from home…scottish blend tea, java coffee, pink grapefruit marmalade, digestive biscuits, Heinz chicken soup..

Chocolate is essential after particularly difficult driving sections as is a miniature bottle of gin. We found that the shops in Mongolia did not have many fruit or vegetables (they had loads of sweets and biscuits)  but when we could, we would buy oranges (vitamin C), bananas (potassium), both useful as they can be peeled. Use google translate when trying to buy milk as otherwise your coffee may not taste quite right and be full of lumps!


Drink: at all times and particular drinks for different occasions (gin and gin is great for morale and when you first arrive in camp).  We had strict water safety measures where we would boil our drinking water and keep it in bottles in the fridge, next level water was used for washing dishes and clothes and then this waste water was used to clean windscreen and car lights on Nelson (thank you Angela for this tip).

Clothes washing can be done by putting dirty clothes, water and washing powder into a tub which sat in the back of the landrover and the bumps (of which there were many) acting like the long cycle in a twin tub as far as the clothes were concerned and then we could rinse and hang out to dry when we got to camp!




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