Country Roads

Country roads ……..
Take me home. One hundred twenty days is a long time in normal life, one-third of a year, but that amount of time spent gently stressing about routes, the car breaking down, finding somewhere to stay and staying safe, away from my family, is a bit exhausting. I am looking forward to going home, reconnecting with Lee and the rest of the family, sleeping comfortably in my bed, and having minimal day-to-day stress for a few months.
First, I have all the unromantic and backroom stuff to work through, which makes the trip possible but largely goes unsaid. The truck is booked into a great local garage run by John Darby, the local expert in Land Rovers, who will fix my leaking injector pump and renew anything that needs it for the next leg of the trip. Measurements are taken for wiring parts I need to bring back, and lists are made. Luckily, Windhoek is a Mecca for overlanding, and it has many good shops for gear and many experts to consult.
A replacement high lift Jack is purchased, mounting brackets will be made, the camp table is replaced, the truck is deep cleaned inside and out, the compressor issue is resolved, the fridge and food sorted, the roof strut replaced, and all bedding/laundry done in the lovely surroundings of Urban Camp for the next trip. Duncan Mackenzie, whose eyes glaze over when I start talking mechanicals with garages, has decamped to the Hilton, so I don’t have to clean around him, and he doesn’t get oily!
These are all preparations for the next leg of the trip in May (after the rainy seasons) when Lee, Duncan and Avril will come out for the rest of Southern Africa, I may even drive briefly to the southern tip of Africa for a few weeks on the way, let’s see.
For now, I am just excited to be heading home to see everyone and chill out for Christmas, a well-deserved rest. Sitting in the shade by the pool, I am also looking forward to the next leg with Lee, Africa, and Namibia, which has got into my blood …..
I’ll be back….
As we head to Windhoek Giraffe are just wandering the hills by the road
The train line runs along the quite empty road, the driver toots at me when I wave
Cleaning, don’t you have people for that? Duncan decamps to the luxury of the Hilton having done enough “roughing it” but then comes back as the bar restaurant here is much more friendly and fun.
I have been looking for this little silver bit for about a month, on my third shop they had the piece so the roof now glides up under its own steam again and spares etc are back in the roof box
Off-road centre supply a new high lift Jack, replacing the one I lost sliding sideways into a bamboo thicket in the Congo, which is in itself a reasonably cool sentence.
Everything is emptied out and cleaned as best as possible
I do get some time to chill by the pool once the task list has been suitably crossed out, 35 in the afternoon is hot the contrast to dark mid-winter Edinburgh will be extreme
A man and his dog, John Darby at 78 still runs his legendary garage in Windhoek Nelson is in good hands !
Bushwhacker shop has every imaginable Overlanding toy in a dangerous place for my wallet, but I did get a new camp table
Puffy jacket, woolly hat, long trousers, boots – 90 per cent packed already, taking home a lot of photography gear as the iPhone has taken over from big camera and GoPro, the more I travel the less personal gear I take

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