Fellowship of the road

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Copied in FB posts for a place holder

A friend in need …..

Meet Simon, a retired boat building company owner who was cycling across the desert, I stopped for a chat and to see if he was OK and he said « honestly I would very much appreciate a lift » as Nelson has previously transpired a Vespa scooter and it’s owner, no problem for us. Met another cyclist in the way and donated a cold coke,

We are on the way to Western Sahara!

The fellowship of the road…

After I survived the Moroccan wedding music I set off again down the road, I was looking out for a cyclist who had contacted me on FB and asked I check in with him. In the event I found two cyclists (Simon who decided to travel with me) and another, a Spanish family and a German kiteborder in a camper van. On the day we and the German guy crossed the border it was 43oC and the crossing took 5 hours in the sweltering sun, unlabelled offices, surly officials and constant harassment from touts offering to “help” us tested our patience. On the run from the border to Nouakchott we shook off about 6 bribery attempts, unfortunately our German friend was less successful and paid out quite a bit of cash and lost his T-shirt.

A tough day, but then if it was easy it would not be an adventure

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