Half way waterfalls

After a lovely day on the beach at Constitution we had a long drive south to the Chilean lake district, I was looking forward to the lakes on both sides of the border, as quite a few travellers had recommended them as they drove north and met me on the way down at different campsites.  It was a long haul to our first stop on the lakes at a little town of Pucon so we decided to break the trip at the waterfalls just off route 7 at theSalto deLaja, we found ourselves in a very nice campsite and walked around the waterfalls the following morning, surprisingly it was the light on the smooth river above the falls that most caught the eye.


One of my personal favourites is this mirror picture of the gentle rippling clouds above


On this side of the Andes there had not been much rain so the waterfall was much tamer than the massive ones near the border with Argentina from a few days earlier


In this case the shot captures the reflection of the light clouds above in the still water
The light reflecting through the trees all the way along the river was lovely and hardly a ripple in the water


Days like this are a great reminder of the vast diversity of South America, these lovely photos (and more importantly the lovely real walk along the river) are from a place we only stopped at to break up an otherwise long drive to Pucon from the coast, otherwise we would have just driven past…there must be so much more to see than can be achieved in a trip as short as ours which is I suppose is why so many fellow travellers take many years just to “do” South America but we have to balance our care and affection for family and pets against the somewhat selfish desire to travel freely and for me I think the six months is a good compromise.

Never the less not a bad little walk for a place we otherwise would not have stopped at !


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