In the footsteps of dinosaurs ?

Having friends who are travelling ahead of you on a trip like this is a real benefit as you get good recommendations on places to visit. Today I headed to Las Gachas which according to local legend are the ancient footsteps of dinosaurs captured in the rock in a small river. The rocks are slippy so it is an odd sight to see lots of folks in their swimwear for dunking in the “footprint” pools but still wearing their socks…Reminded me of a German friend who used to say a Bavarian phrase “now I get on my socks” in German when a meeting was over and he had to go.

I did manage to go for a swim in one of the bigger holes complete with my socks, being solo at the moment you are saved from “Gerry floating in a hole picture but it was a bit of light amusement.

Eventually after about 500m of dinosaur footprints the river disappears down a deeper one to emerge about 200m away.

One thing you see all over this part of Colombia are genuine cowboys complete with lasso ropes and sometimes sitting on horses outside the pub with a beer in their hands, unfortunately the group outside the pub I asked declined to be photographed – you really need to ask here as many folk have the superstition that photographing is a bad thing.

Anyhow just as I was leaving a cowboy came trotting down to the Gachas to give his horse an end of day drink it was a very natural sight and I was able to get a quick picture in on my phone.

At the trailhead for the river there was a small farmyard parking so as the sun set I was able to negotiate to stay overnight I was the only one there but the big advantage was the nice cafe across the road which saved me having to cook and allowed myself a banana split ice cream to finish up the day.

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