Living in a truck

Living in a truck requires scaling down on any “just in case” items as each bit of luggage has to earn its place. Decisions to be made are whether the tea tree wet wipes are ahead of the smart wool socks or the organic oatcakes…..G has given specific instructions that all my worldly goods have to fit into a box. Image 1. In this box I have to have suitable attire for general camping in hot and cold weather, an evening at the Russian Ballet in St Petersburg and a very useful African dress that covers everything in a loud pink way that is very helpful when travelling to and from camp showers.

You also have to be v v v organised and put things back in the right place. G has been very Boy Scout about this and on this rare occasion he is right :). Nelson has good storage spaces and Erol has fitted perfect sized plastic boxes so every bit of space is used. I have also found it quite interesting (yes I have been on the road too long) to work out more efficient ways of packing things into cupboards depending on their frequency of use. The orange marmalade has been promoted to front of cupboard along with the java coffee and the bottle opener.

The “cow” carrier bag is perfect for showers as it keeps all your stuff together and can hang up on a hook off the floor. Also good for shopping and laundry bag!

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