Makgadikgadi Pans

After another 60km of sand road and about 400km of main road we move on from the Kalahari into the Makgadikgadi Pans region and stumble on to a great little spot called Camelthorn campsite. This campsite overlooks a waterhole inside the park (which they feed with a borehole) home to many hippos, crocodiles, Elephants and various buck. We spend a few hours before sunset just watching the animals and enjoyed it so much we set (very) early alarms and watched the last of the hippos return to the pond after a nights grazing and a croc grab a small animal in the dim dawn. Probably our best animal watching day so far as when we headed across the pans on the road we also saw lots of elephants and zebra on our way to Kasane.
This will be a crew change stop for me, Lee, Avril and Ducan join the crew, the latter with a hire vehicle for three weeks, and Mark will leave after we all go together to see the mighty Victoria Falls
Back on the desert sand roads we head out of the Kalahari and on to the Pans
This little video gives some impression of the dynamic nature of driving on these shifting sand roads when the Landy feels like it is “floating” from side to side
The hippos leave the pool as the sun sets for their nightly grazing
When we get to the waterhole the elephants are busy in the falling sun
This little guy has worked out that the nice sweet water, ie without the hippo poo, is coming from the borehole outlet here
off they go in the fading light, the camera struggling in the poor light, and my poor ability to use the camera settings properly
We are cooking in the dark having spent so much time at the waterhole, a nice fire keeps us company but it is so warm we do not need it for heat
Sunset, and suddenly it is too dark for photos but the binoculars still give a surprisingly clear view for a little while
The next morningin the dawn the last of the hippos returns to the water hole, the croc grabbed something in a frenzy of thrashing but we did not see what it was
Along the road the elephants have worked out how to unseat the manholes to get at the water in the drains from the road
Plenty of zebra now and the less dense bush means we can see them for a chang

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