Meet the Flintstones

Meet the Flintstones….

Over the last few days we have been indulging in a spot of history seeking, as the desert of Namibia are so dry rock etchings are not washed away but instead have survived in a number of sites for more than 6000 years.

The paintings themselves are simple things, they depict hunting techniques and the game animals and their tracks, the guides speculate that some of the rocks were like schools showing young hunters how to track, some appear to be maps, some even show seals, whales and penguins from the coast 200km away.

The real benefit of these few days is that the rock art forced us out of the car and up into the hills with our water bottles, to see the “white lady” is a 5km hike with a few tricky rock scrambles (Duncan swears he is going to the gym when he gets home)

We arrive at each of the rock carving sites and find we are the only people there, for some you must go with a guide (very knowledgeable and interesting folks). When we reach the caves at white lady we are alone above the plateau and just sit looking out over the mountains, just as the hunters must have done so long ago scanning for game…

A really peaceful and contemplative moment in the wild desert which is close to unchanged for such a long time…..

Can you see the head of the monkey
Hunting impala in a team
Beautiful hikes through the wilderness, signs of seasonal flooding fed by far away rains
Do you see the bear overlooking the seal
Giraffe ostrich and lions
Flamingo elephants and a tourist added letter A
Do you see the cat guarding the entrance to the Philips cave
After a long day the typical African Sunset we have come to
Our camp this evening under an overhang of rock, we checked it out carefully…
Passing Flamingos just by the road
The view over the valley from the Philips cave, it’s quite a climb up and a bit spiritual to think the hunters looked over the landscape from this vantage point 6000 years ago

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