Mokoro, a new word, amazing experience…
While at the Khwai Hippo pool campsite I suggested we took up the option to do a bit of canoeing, my main hobby, while on safari. This is a little different from my normal sea kayak, more like a venitian pole barge crossed with an open canoe, these are now made from fiberglass as they are trying to protect the trees that traditionally would have been cut down to make the canoes.
We set out at 4pm or so in two mokoros with guides and pole our way past the hippos away from the big pond and along the narrow river channel, as we go along for about two hours with the sun slowely setting and loads of elephants come out of the bush to drink from the river just a few meters away from our silently gliding canoes. The guides advise us not to talk as the elephants have good hearing but poor eyesight so we dont want to startle them when they are so close.
Later with the trucks in a protective wedge and the fire cracking under a sky full of stars we are all in awe of the close to nature experience of the Mokoro
One to recommend….

We slip out of the big pool staying away from the hippos, who can break a canoe like this in two with ease not to mention the people in it
We slip slowly up to the first elephant, cautioned to keep quiet the elephant is grazing happily
We get closer to the next group of elephants who tower over us in the little canoe, its different experience from game driving from a car window
When you are so close the elephants moving round or staring at us is a bit unnerving
The sun is setting as pole up up the channel
Avril and Duncen and their guide who also happens to be a Patrick
Loads of these lillies on the river they close up as the sun sets
Our second elephant eyes us suspiciously

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