On the road again

Today was my first day back driving in Namibia. Nelson is running well after the motor equivalent of open heart surgery on its fuel injector pump when I was away. So far so good.
Not so good is my driving, a rookie mistake of not stopping at a deserted stop sign, brought the strategically hidden cop out and my second, fair, ticket was issued and paid for at the local police station £40, out of practice on my part.
Electrical gremlins have taken out my old Garmin sat nav, and my iPad is not taking charge despite trying many cables and sources so still working on those.
Namibia is perfect, blue sky, high of 27oC low at night about 10oC so perfect camping weather. Mark Wilkins has arrived and is busy packing his kit into Nelson for our three week adventure before Lee joins in Kasane.
South Africa here we come
I did visit Ethiopia on the way, does not count for a flag as I was not in Nelson but I can add Addis Ababa to my long list of visited (briefly) places
Nelson picked up from the garage, three months worth of dust and mechanical work cleaned up, water system cleaned and lots of other checks, battery and charging system working well but sat nav and iPad not so good
Mark arrives from Frankfurt for his three week stint as my codriver
The police station in Mariantal, quite a friendly and efficient place to pay your traffic fine
My receipt of shame, a few months ago I would have stopped diligently even at an empty stop sign, need to up my game


Repacking Nelson with Marks stuff and a whole load of shopping

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