What do you mean its not there?

My man in Cartagana, Yair
its in there somewhere

In the middle of all this was supposed to be Nelson at least that is what Maersk told us, after queuing and waiting for a few hours we met ” the guy” who imports cars. Unfortunately he is scratching his head and is just saying “nope not on my computer” even producing pictures of the container just made him more adamant that he did not have it!

At times like that its possible to worry a little that the truck was on its way to Rio and they had forgotten to take it off the ship.

Happily and unknown to me there are two ports in Cartegena and after a further multi hour wait we found our container in a tropical rainstorm at the other port.

One day later we are reunited, fuelled up and ready to go, with a big dollop of relief thrown in. Thanks to IVVS and Luis Ernestos team for sorting it out for me.

being a bit lazy with this post as I have bug, so may come back to it and add in some more background

perhaps thats it, right colour and size
The guy in charge looking for our container – but computer says no !
waiting for the man, the second time
Nelson is the gray one, but lets wait a few minutes…
critical seal still intact
There you are, finally, and started first time.
after two days waiting around gets a bit old …
Finally safe and sound at the hostel, tomorrow the world, or at least South America

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