A weekend in Kazakhstan

On the road again having caught up with G in Almaty…

I got there via Istanbul courtesy of Turkish Airlines while G took the indirect route via, Iran, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and into Kazakhstan.

The roads just go on and on and on where the Euroasian steppe meets Russian sub-Siberia….it reminds me a bit of going into the Ngong hills just outside Nairobi and looking down into the vast Rift Valley.
There are wild horses and miles and miles of empty grassland.

Trains snake across the plains hauling over 50 cargo wagons.
We have wildcamped for the last couple of nights and are working our way East.
I am acclimatising back into living in a truck…which means living out of a very small bag and making sure the gin is in the freezer and chocolate in the fridge.
G was pleased to receive his gifts from Scotland, pears soap and digestive biscuits….

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