Agra, Taj, just has to be done….

It was still super hot in India and camping spots are hard to come by in Agra, best known for being the location of one of the Red Forts of India and more specially the Taj Mahal, so I hunted around on for an option and came up trumps with a special offer on a heritage hotel within easy striking distance of the Taj and the Fort and with a pool all for 40USD.  As you can see below Nelson is nicely tucked up in the car park and I was just about to have tea on the lawn after a nice swim in their 25m pool, after a hot days driving from Lucknow, and a tour of the Taj this was a great relief.

Of course I had to take the obligatory selfie for facebook and some nice shots as the sun went down, I am sure you have seen better, but here are mine anyway just for completeness of the record

I wandered around until the sun was setting and the marble seems to glow just as the sun goes down

Here you can see the glow of the setting sun on the main building from one of the minor surrounding buildings

On the way out I stopped for an ice cream and some monkeys had a scurry around to see if they could get it off me, this guy has just given up and is practicing his “didn’t really want it anyway look”

Back to Delhi tomorrow and then I will drop out of “holiday mode” and back into “overlanding mode” sleeping in the car or in/outside hostels as the temperature and humidity are due to drop low enough to make sleeping with fans possible.

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