Land Rover Overland Katmandu

I have had a lot of problems getting bits and pieces fixed on the Land Rover out here, but the guys in Kathmandu at Land Rovers Overland (find them on iOverlander) did a great job, they are good mechanics but I also had all the necessary spare parts !

So I have finally had my steering wobble which has dogged me since the Gobi sorted by the excellent team at Land Rovers Overland in Kathmandu so keep them in mind they cracked a problem that defeated three main dealers (kingpin backlash and dodgy steering UJ). Some tips for you Land Rover drivers if you are heading east

1 Bring all the spares you will need there is nothing out here, I mean nothing, apart from one small Britpart shop in Almaty
2 The dealer network is expensive and useless, nice coffee and receptionists but I had to show them what to do and they had no spares for a defender
3 know what you are doing on your car, it is often a team effort to get to the bottom of things, if you know what you are doing the mechanics will work with you
4 the ability of the teams out here to fix, weld and fabricate is actually very good so ask “can we make one/fix the old one before you give up

If that doesn’t work order the part from the UK and chill out the service is quite good but takes about a week and in some places like Nepal the import duty is 50 percent !

Its all part of the adventure, if you don’t like this part and you are not nostalgic abut British cars as I am, then buy a LHD Toyata like a sensible person




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