Crash Damage photo set


Front axel passenger side is pushed back against chassis member and axel support rod has gone back through the mounting and penetrated the water tank
Drivers side A pillar completely detached, door frame mangeled, upper side panel buckled, bonnet compressed on to top of engine
Roof is a write off front hinge busted and roof itself broken and bent
It sat like this for a few hours before being put onto its wheels, so engine will need looked at for oil in the wrong places before attempting to restart, from memory it was still running when I switched it off, roof box and roof rack are scrap metal, solar panel is fine
Worst damage is to the passenger side front, this may have bent the front section of the chassis, has broken the suspension mount for the axel bars, bent the bars on both sides, folded the bumper crumpled the wing and perhaps bent the chassis support for the body behind the front wheel
Drivers side view, rear corner is crumpled but the lower panel apart from that seems OK, rear wheel seems straight but A frame mount to chassis broken
Another view of the drivers side once the roof rack was removed and I jacked up the front of the roof, door does actually close in the lower section, you can see the bonnet damage
drivers side A frame snapped in two places, trim under winscreen popped out snapped at both ends
Passenger side view the upper part of the rear is leaning out, front wing in bad shape
Passenger side view with the roof straightened readdy for shipping, rear corner is a bit crumpled but light, both steps are folded, water tank is distroyed on this side, diesel tank on the other is intact
Rear view suggest the tub is perhaps intact, the spare wheel mounting attachement to the door sheared byt the door closes and the spare wheel carrier swings back into place
Passenger side front axel arm mounting has burst through the supporting flange into the water tank
Another view of the passenger side axel support flange
drivers side front looks OK
Drivers side rear looks OK
A frame chassis mount on the drivers side looks OK
Passenger side rear mount looks OK
Passenger side A frame mount to the chassis bolts have sheared and its loose, possible cause for the back stepping out on a straight road or from the Crash?
Looking back down the car rear of the chassis seems OK, anti roll bar bushes quite worn and displaced to one side
another view from the rear chassis seems OK here
Front drivers side suspension intact but steering arm sheared
Passenger side front is pushed right back to the body support wing on the chassis, suspension components broke, shock in two halves, spring intact
looking under from the front the chassis seems straight, but the very front section may be bent towards the passenger side by the impact, hard to judge
drop arm sheared
passenger front wheel wedged against the chassis arm
passenger side A pillar snapped off
drivers side A pillar snapped in three

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