Angola delights

Angola delights …..

I have been in Angola now for a few days and first impressions are great….

In Luanda Tony leaves for home and Duncan joins me as copilot for the last part of this trip to Namibia. A changing of the guard but Duncan and I have travelled together often, on one trip setting a world record of 18 countries in 24 hours and we only have two to do on this trip.

It feels like we are transitioning back gently to a more comfortable civilised life here in Luanda, supermarket’s and petrol stations accept cards, we can buy what we need easily and some treats as well.

We stay at a nice camping place outside Luanda, Kakuakos Lodge, run by a very friendly Overlanders Lois and Juliet, they are full of good advice, have super facilities compared to the last months and we feel right at home. Nelson gets a laundry done for the passenger transition and a good check up from me. There are good Land Rover mechanics but we don’t need them at the moment.

On our first day we see the magnificant Kalandula Falls, they are apparently the biggest falls in Africa by volume at least but are nearly unknown and totally uncommercial. Duncan and I are the only visitors and have lunch on the terrace watching the falls, Nelson alone in the car park.

After the falls we head to the black rocks, a sight as impressive as the Ayrs rock in Australia but here we can cook and camp undisturbed for the evening, well apart from one car of local tourists who wanted a picture of us cooking dinner.

On the way back to Luanda we get a dose of tropical rain and traverse the forests and hills of the interior, Duncan is surprised by the potholes but quickly takes to weaving around or through them, in comparison to further north the roads are quite reasonable.

I am liking Angola, and relaxing into a bit of comfort ……

The loos and the showers even work !

We could walk along to the edge of the falls, just a path no terrace or fences here Holding on to a branch a bit nervously as the edge is not solid
The “black rocks” are massive and catch the setting sun as we approach
Our campsite for the night at the base of the rocks
Some local tourists were friendly and wanted a photo with the strange foreigners as we prepare our dinner
The next day in the rain the forest is coated in clouds
Approaching the black rocks is quite spectacular


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