From the moon to the beach

From the moon to the beach….

Still loving Angola. We head south from Luanda after our diversion west to the great waterfall of kalundula and first stop is the moon, well not really, there is an area of soil erosion called “the viewpoint of the moon” in Portuguese, so we called in for a look, they have to open up for us and the highly recommended cafe is closed, sadly a common theme on our trip.

We press on to the little town of Porto Amboim and stay for free in front of the police station (secure) and beside a nice friendly restaurant. Two lobsters each with chips and drinks for £20. Local kids are curious about us and the flags on the car so we have a good chat with the assistance of Google translate, and I hand out some of the Scottish souvenirs I have with me to them as a way of getting them to go home (they were not begging just chatting)

In the early morning the heavens open and rain batters the truck, as I slumber I suddenly realise I have a wet bottom, not a good feeling at 5am. My side window is leaking again so I end up in sandals and underpants outside, in rain as strong as a good shower, trying to tape up the top of the window, fortunately no natives are around to be frightened by the sight.

Having mopped up inside and dried myself off I decide against sleep and put the kettle on for an early, if rather damp, start.

The overlanding gods smile on us and the sun comes out in the afternoon as we head towards Lobito, so we have the afternoon “on the beach” Nelson parked on the sand beside a nice friendly restaurant and a beach volleyball court, again for free, as long as we eat there.

My beach days are a bit different from what you might imagine, the leaking window seal is stripped out and (hopefully) repaired. All the damp stuff is hung up and spread out, diff and engine oils all checked, fuel pump leak checked (no leak), windows and lights washed, clothes washed and a finally swim to clean up.

Only after a few hours can I settle with a cup of tea to potter and enjoy the evening sun and perfect 24oC temperatures. We are looking forward to some good food tonight

Angola continues to be a delight we hope to see Whales tomorrow from a cliff top viewpoint.

Fingers crossed…

Our first beach night, police station to the left, restaurant to the right, sound of the sea lulls us to sleep, at least until my wet bottom moment at 5am
Two lobsters chips and drinks for £10 each
My new friends for an hour in the evening, facilitated with photos on the iPad and Google translate, the policeman comes to check and seems happy that we are just chatting
Nice beach and cliff but the pier has seen better days
As we drive south the rain forest of the north gives way to scrub and grassland as we head towards the Namib desert in Angola
On our left the beginning of an escarpment that apparently is a type of rift that runs in some form all the way to South Africa
The enscarpment looms on our west, in two days we will cross one of its famous passes


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