Namib not yet Namiba

Namib not yet Namibia …..

We continue to enjoy Angola more on the adventurous side in the last few days. We have left behind the forests and the green countryside of the north and made our way to the Namib desert, which confusingly is mostly in Angola not Namibia along with the town of Namib!

Here the desert meets the sea and we are lucky enough to see Whales from a lighthouse on a point which also has a nice beach haven for Turtle conservation where we spend another free night. The conservation wardens are very friendly and Google translate is put to good use again.

Getting to the point was another matter, the track ran out on us at one point, deep sand in other places and some tricky rock step sections had me concentrating hard for an hour and a half. We are in the desert landscape of the himba people the guys and girls wearing traditional colourful skirts appearing from nowhere walking across the desert.

Today after two days in the desert we head back to the green interior and climb 1600m into the cool air including the stunning Leba pass with its seemingly impossible switchbacks carved out of the mountains, we did not get a good photo as the top was in the clouds so I borrowed one from the internet, it was as spectacular as the Stélvio in Italy.

Tonight we are camped at the top of the pass having tried and failed to replace a gas strut on the roof (unusual Gerry prep fail as I got slightly the wrong size spare and fitting). Still works with the other three, one for the repair list in Windhoek

Next post should be from country 71, Namibia proper and my final country on this leg of the trip!


A rainbow frames Nelson at the beach, excellent food and free camping
As we head south we enter the Namib desert much of which is in Angola, out of the Malaria zone for the first time in many months
Desert landscape shows some green as recent rains have had a positive effect on the limited vegetation
We spend some time on minor tracks to get to viewpoints and beaches
On this occasion the map track had been washed away, we had to turn around and find an alternative way through
Our destination for the night, a working lighthouse overlooking deep waters with whales and dolphins and a Turtle beach, Duncan saw two whales but we did not see the turtles
Lovely sunset by the lighthouse
Back onto the desert roads
The pass from below, we were driving up for about 30min
Back into the green cool climate of the interior as we leave the desert for a few days
In the morning the mist clears and we get a good view of the pass and the waterfall
Lovely scenery Looking back from the top of the pass

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