The final Frontier

The final frontier….

Angola continued to delight, the green hills of the interior enscarpment gave way to the strange sight of a flooded desert as we made our way south to the border. Unusual rains are creating a desert bloom of green.

Today is a big milestone, I crossed the final frontier of this leg of the trip, I have made it to Namibia where I will eventually leave the truck for a few months.

The border crossing was smooth, it only took about an hour and a half and all the offices were sensibly together and signposted. Most critically I was able to use my carnet and avoid the 90 day limit of the alternative temporary import permit despite some announcements from the Namibian government to the contrary!

The one hiccup was the massive queue for SIM card registration in the two shops we visited, at least 3 hours worth and a disorganised scrum. So we do not have local SIM cards yet relying on campsite WiFi for now.

When I say campsite we are into a different dimension of time and space with the transition to Namibia, we see elephants, Zebra, wildebeest and impala just on the drive into the campsite, the campsite has its own viewing Walter hole, WiFi, pool, restaurant and bar serving lovely steak, our pitch has water, shade, seats and tables and power all provided, there are more overland trucks in this one site than I have seen on the whole trip before Namibia

I can see why people call it Overlander heaven in just one day, if the rest is as good as Etosha Duncan and I are in for a real treat over the next two weeks

Boldly exploring a new type of world

Heading south from the escarpment the rain clears and the cold transitions to the heat of the desert as boab trees line the road
Also lining the road are large areas of flooded desert from the unusual rains of the last few weeks
Duncan gets his first lesson in black market trading, as a stalwart of the financial services industry street haggling a new skill for him
What was a shock was the three hour queue at the two SIM card places we tried, an early morning visit may be needed
We arrive at Etosha National Park and head to the campsite on gravel roads, tyre pressures down to smooth out the rippled surface
Within 100 meters of the gate we see zebra including this mother with a foal

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