Cooking in a truck

Cooking in a truck starts with visits to the local shops and finding out the correct word for “milk” in several different languages….we got this one wrong by guessing initially and poured something like sour yoghurt into was OK with cereal. Piim is what you need in Poland. We usually get donuts for coffee breaks or lovely cinnamon buns (Finland) and fresh bread at stopping points. A very good friend of ours (Jens Mattsson) once said that when you are on holiday a supermarket is interesting and he is right. It is quite fun to have a stroll round and see what is there and try some new things.

G has set up a spice rack on the back window of the land rover and on closer inspection he had 2 containers with hot chilli powder and 4 boxes of matches! I would have discarded some of the chilli and matches and added cumin seeds, coriander seeds, mustard (which we did buy) and tomato paste.

G has got a fantastic petrol stove which will work everywhere and is great for cooking in camp. The other skill to learn is how to make meals using one pot and to do things in the correct order! G is also not too concerned about microbiology so I had to re-pack the fridge to keep fresh meat and fish away from cheese and chocolate and also wash up knives used for meat chopping before using them for fruit or cheese. G will thank me one day as I will have helped prevent him from getting food poisoning.

Favourite camp meal was macaroni bolognaise…….favourite camp direction finder (thank you Liz) was gin and pink grapefruit cocktails!

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