Diama border and Laundry

(Photos to follow, poor internet)

Mauritania Couscous and Laundry

Having recovered from the tough day crossing the Western Sahara to Mauritania border we needed a day off before hitting the Senegal border, we stayed in Nouakchott and the owner of the space served up special Couscous for our dinner, not requested he just turned up with a pot and served up sending lackeys running to the street for pomegranate juice. In these circumstances just relaxing and practicing my French is the only polite thing to do.

Next day was the infamous “Road to Diama” about 50km of very rough dirt road on top of a dyke in a half submerged lagoon park. Fortunately for us it was mostly dry so although rough Nelson did it all without any tricks in normal driving mode, we passed through both borders and the dam in about an hour, paid the correct fees declined the four bribery attempts thanks to prior information from others.

Senegal is green and has a chilled vibe compared to the desert, even more chilled as we are at the famous Zebrabar, sadly the only travellers as we are early in the season but good food and laundry taken care of and admin catch up complete.

Simon gets back on his bike so for a few days I am back to solo travelling

St Louis tomorrow then Dakar

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