I’ve got one of those

I’ve got one of those ….

My spare alternator the first of my spares to be used on this trip

Over the last two days the power from my alternator has been varying, today it went to zero, fortunately with all the battery systems I have Nelson can go quite a while without a functioning alternator.

Out with the old and in with the new

Never the less a swap with the spare seemed sensible so did it in a car park at the end of the day much to the surprise of the folks at the Rose Lake north of Dakar, I did have friendly offers of assistance and some good banter, as I worked, with both staff and visitors.

New alternator in place and running well

All good natured, but I do keep the car locked when I am working on it just in case, all done now

Turns out, much to my disappointment, that the root cause is yet to be found, in the end it took me about two weeks to source the fault to a dodgy fuse

Hope to get a look at and a swim in the lake first thing tomorrow…..

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