Hard Days Night Dakar

Hard days night ….

I am in need of the “feel alright” bit of the song today. After my successful alternator change last night I considered going for a dip in the lake (subsequent advice from Lee not to do that due to local parisites in the water specifically in Senegal) but as I headed down to look a massive black storm cloud approached, I ran back to the car and just got the roof down before the wind and the lashing rain hit.

Just before the rainstorm hit in the morning

Sitting in the car getting battered by the rain for an hour it then reduced from firehose level to normal rain so I decided to tootle off to Dakar to get my carnet stamped, that was some fun, at times the water was over the footsteps on the sides, as it was impossible to see the depth of the holes. I took to following local buses which I now notice have good ground clearance and snorkels like Nelson.

Your luxury hotel will be down this quaint street Mr Mulligan

It took me four hours to get to the Land Rover garage (30km) whos owner is a enthusiastic overlander so got the car a oil change and a good check up mechanically. All good

The route to the office to get your carnet stamped

Then Inhad to fight my way through to the port area to get my Carnet stamped, this involved mixing it with big trucks in 1-2 feet of water, with significant diversions and road closures, never the less I made it past the smelly fish factories to a little hotel where I could park Nelson in the courtyard while visiting customs.

After much puddle jumping and truck dodging I managed to find a guy in an office who was happy to stamp my Carnet as required.

Although I had fixed the alternator it became clear that the electrical systems charging controller was far from happy, it now seems that the root cause of the alternator problem has yet to be found, so step by step isolation of camper electrical systems and load checking now underway while limiting the draw on the alternator

May be the strain of a few weeks in the desert has turned my fridge into a cupboard

Tony arrives tomorrow, then Guinea visa

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