Gotta love Christians and bananas

The countryside is quite pretty, the cars universally overloaded

We are having good days, driving for only half the day leaves us time to stop and buy bread and bananas at the local villages, it’s fun to see bread brought to the market on wheelbarrow,

The fresh baguettes a very big and nice surprise in the remote villages, funny to see them brought to market in wheelbarrows

even odder that they are perfectly fresh french style baguettes, so good you can just chew on them as you go along. We also buy bananas and fruit which along with fridge porridge “keep us regular”

Negotiation of todays banana price to keep us regular

In a few of the towns there are very friendly Christian missionary places which welcome travellers, so we stay in one in Conakry the archbishops compound, and are in another tonight, they are little oasis of calm in busy dusty towns and cities, here in Nzerekore we are even treated to lullabies as the choir practices for us after wandering around town (once I had persuaded virgin to restore my email account which they keep shutting down to my constant inconvenience and irritation).

The Archbishops place in Conakry a haven from the bustle of the city and close to the embassy’s we have to visit
The Christian centre in Nzereoke is a little haven for us in a region which so recently had to cope with the Ebola outbreak killing 11,000 people

So a chilled day, just what we need before putting our game heads on for the border crossing tomorrow, papers are already organised, currency counted, exchange rates looked up and previous crossing reports studied

It is a measure of how acclimatised I have become that I happily wander down streets like this on my own now feeling quite safe

Côte d’Ivoire tomorrow, hopefully flag number 60

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