A big Escargot

A big escargot…

Having run out of change on both sides the ladies suggest settling the account with this big snail

Today, while shopping for vegetables for dinner, we had a dilemma about change, I did not have the necessary small notes, and the bargaining ladies claimed not to have change. The problem was proposed to be solved by my purchase of a snail or two, I was astounded when they produced the snail, it was massive, each weighing about 200g, the ladies told me they were great to eat. Thankfully Tony found some change in the bottom of his pocket so I was able to return the monster snail.

We have not yet escaped the clutches of the rainy season which is longer and heavier than usual

We are now in Cote d’Ivorie and slowely leaving the small villages of the jungle after more than a week travelling quite remotely (we had to bypass Seirra Leone as the recently banned RhD cars so went deeper inland than most overlanders).

Tony and I will miss the jungle and the small villages still many with round thatched huts and markets on the Main Street. The area we passed through near Nzerekore was the centre of the Ebola outbreak and its economy is still just recovering, aid agencies slowely returning but we really enjoyed the immersion and the kids chanting “white man, white man” in Mandingo language as we drove through the villages.

Even the bribery attempts were mostly good natured and laughing matters.

Tonight we are camped up on the shore of lake Kossou, which is mozzie central, so we are coated in layers of Deet, keeping lights off, and using nets to sleep under.

After today we head to the more well known coastal towns and resorts from Abidjan and proceed along the coast through Ghana to Lagos where more jungle adventures await. It will be nice to see a bit of beach and civilisation for a change, but the villages of the interior felt like the romantic notion of Africa I had thought of before the trip.


Lots to think about, from the obvious poverty and lack of basics in some places, to the humour, fun and joy in life that one could see clearly in the villages even when people had very little…..

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