On the beach

On the beach…

These guys woke me up sorting through their catch on the lakeside

We started the day on the beach of a lake, the fishermen in the picture below bringing in their catch at 6am was my alarm call, pretty good catch for two hours work they seemed pleased and a bit bemused while we fiddled around with tea and porridge on our camp table as they sorted the fish 5m away.

Then we went to the basicilla in Yamoussoukro a full size replica of St Peter’s in Rome built in three years by the president of Ivory Coast surreal to walk around it with the sum total of six visitors that morning. After that bizarre experience and fortified by a coffee and Pain au Chocolate (thank you France) we zoomed along the Highway to Abidjan before ducking off to a run down beach place for a “rest day”

Rest meaning planning the next two weeks of the trip, taking apart the complex door locking mechanisms on the drivers side, which is once again not working, but Tony has brought a spare I ordered and hope to fit tomorrow, and the occasional cautious swim (as the rip tides are significant we only go in waist deep)

Currently +2 days on plan despite losing time in Dakar for the prophets birthday so all good at the moment!

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