Do it right, do it slow

Do It right, do it slow…..

When I tackle a job on Nelson in a campsite you would hear me muttering this refrain if you walked past, the big risk of self repairs is that I botch the job and end up with some part of the car in bits and not working, but not being at the garage were additional bits or welding etc are available.

Ready for the lock change Tarp in place to deflect sun and rain

So today I pottered my way through changing the door locking system on the drivers side, this is not a simple job, the door needs to be dismantled, window removed, and many links to handles, locks, buttons disconnected and fiddly links not lost in the sand, while a tropical downpour is underway.

New lock on the edge of the seat, a fiddly job to fit as the door has to be stripped down to do the job

So I follow my rule, research the job properly last night, put up a tarpaulin to protect from rain and sun, photograph the job bit by bit, take my time, take breaks, and finally get Tony to help occasionally to check everything is working or hold up windows.

New lock in place, connected up, and window runner mechanism back in place, door closed with a satisfying click and stays closed

So started at 7am, finished by 12noon, two coffee breaks and full oil and normal checks done as well.


Door closes and stays closed with a nice positive click so we no longer have to use a padlock to keep the door from flying open as we turn left any more!

Time for a walk on the beach….

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