Warming to Ghana

Warming to Ghana

Our stop for the night as we ran out of daylight before getting to our destination

The day before we came into Ghana Tony and I ran out of daylight on the road, so as the sun was setting we pulled into a palm plantation and asked the guards If there was a safe place to stay “stay with us” they said and so we did sharing chocolate and tea with them and sleeping soundly.

Crossing to Ghana was easy and initially the roads were good but then we had some really horrible busy potholed and crazy driving roads (six lanes of traffic trying to get into one lane on both sides). By the time we got to the lovely Kosa beach resort we were both frazzled.

Restored by our stay in Kosa beach, the lovely people there had power for the truck and Tony took a room so we swam in the sea and ate excellent food while planing.

One annoyance highlighted by the photo below of Tony getting his fingerprints taken to get a SIM card, I failed amusingly as their facial recognition software could not compute my face, I kid you not, piggybacking on Tony’s SIM to send this

The highlight so far was the costal village of Elmina, Tony was in photographer heaven as 50 or so boats came in and the fish was sorted on the shore into neat categories before being sold, it was an assault on all the senses, but a fascinating and colourful scene. We also picked up some of the dark history of this coast touring the slave castles along the coast, the stories of what happened were harrowing.

The memorial to Ghanas first president is among our tick list for Accra

We are now in Accra which is again a busy, messy fusion of the modern and developed, with shanty towns alongside beach resorts, modern highways and open sewers, but we have visas to get and things to fix so this is the best place to be to prepare us and the truck for the challenges of Nigeria and Cameroon jungle crossing.

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