It’s fun to stay at the YMCA

It’s fun to stay at the YMCA …..

Tony is back in his childhood country (0-6 years) as today we crossed the border to Nigeria, and are in the capital city of Lagos, which is, by reputation, the most hazardous part of our journey (as we don’t intend to go to the big cities of South Africa the next most dangerous).

So far all has been smooth running, border crossing not corrupt, fixers not too pushy, money and SIM at the border. Even the many police stops and bribe attempts after the border were good natured. Not many pictures as the dense slums and rubbish are not really photogenic, reminded me a bit of northern Peru but ten times worse as there are so many people packed in

We found a nice YMCA near the centre of town that has a super big car park surrounded by a 10foot wall and two security guards at both gates all day and night. For parking showers and toilet we pay the princely sum of £4

Decent supermarket next door and a reasonable pizza place makes it an idea city stop. Unfortunately there is not a lot of sightseeing in Lagos, a lot of people, and a lot of rubbish around the shanty towns, but few tourist highlights

With our normally relaxed, but street wise, approach, we would usually go wandering around, and we did in the daytime, but we both are being a bit cautious given the reports of other travellers and having an early night.

Tomorrow we will clear the city with the dawn breaking and head to the old capital Benin not to be confused with the country we have just left. Some sights there we hope for Tony’s camera

Tony in his Arnie pose with the guards, I think we probably look a bit intimidating in the street between the two of us
Nelson set up for the night, some of my friends were here a while ago and heard gunfire in the night and as they left the city an apparently dead person was lying on the roadside unattended
Hence the guarded compound, staying in at night, and scarpering with the dawn tomorrow, maybe we are being over cautious as obviously millions of people live and go about their business here, but we do stick out so are being specially careful

So tea brewed and chat with the guards, maybe we will play them some Village People and wear our high vis gilets….

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