Sunset on Benin

Sunset on Benin…….

We are wild camping on the beach before crossing into Nigeria tomorrow, our final sunset in Benin. I think both of us will be content to move on after having to take things easy for a week to ensure our Cameroon visa is “live” when we hit the border.

We went on an interesting trip, by boat, around a town of Ganvie where 20k people live in houses on stilts entirely built on a shallow lake, the people on the shore had tried to convince us that we should stay overnight out on the lake in their luxury accommodation, needless to say the word luxury rather misused.

This has been a bit of a theme of Benin, nice roads and lovely friendly people, but much of the tourist infrastructure is closed (like about 80 percent of the attractions) and it has been difficult to find places to stay, eat, get coffee, groceries or decent quality fuel, just lots of stuff does not quite work.

We had a bit of excitement this morning as I was legitimately done for speeding along with all the cars I was travelling with, at first I suspected it was the usual con, but actually they had a proper camera, proper fine paperwork, and let me go when I paid the £13 fine into the police account at the western Union across the road all correct and proper.

So now we are on the beach wild camping and chatting to passing locals as we are up early tomorrow, game heads on for the Border and the 10 or so police checks to Lagos that are reported.

We have heard yesterday that Gabon has closed land borders to overland travel, despite the embassy taking £250 each from Tony and I for the visas in our passports, so we will drive down through the Congo instead more road and route research underway

Good to be cracking on tomorrow

Ganvie is a town of 20k people living on the lake on stilts
The local supermarket
The houses are quite rudimentary and look vulnerable to any kind of serious storm

The bathroom in one of the luxury suites, we stopped for a coke, good choice

The king of Ganvie looks quite fierce in his statue

We changed some money for Nigerian Naria, this is about £200 will need a shopping bag to carry it round
We did find a nice wild camp on the beach down quite a sandy and flooded track but Nelson coped easily
Our last sunset in Benin, after this we ramp up for the challenge of the difficult Jungle road crossing between Nigeria and Cameroon

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