The end of the garden

We are about to leave the Garden Route of South Africa after a lovely four days of travelling. Yesterday we made our way through the rolling hills with views of distant mountains to the Addo Elephant Park were we spent the afternoon on a 60km game drive, lots of Elephants, zebra etc but did not spot the lions, still a great easy day. That evening we parked up beside a german couple with two little girls (5 and 3) who “adopted” Mark and I deciding to protect us from the monkeys with their little baboon sticks (apparently their parents were glad of a few hours relief while we chatted away as stand in Opas).
Next day we headed to Grahamstown where Marks partners sister was a doctor for many years, visiting the township surgery where she worked and connecting with some of her colleagues, a decent coffee and apple cake in the colonial prison museum and a visit to the settlers monument topped off a handy lunch stop.
We are now in the little seaside town of Ganubie and things are about to change gear, one part in a bad way one in a good way.
The good part is we have a big push day tomorrow to get to the border of Lesotho the great mountain kingdom in the middle of South Africa, at this time of year we can go from 27oC here to snow on the spectacular passes, road are proper 4WD challenges so I am looking forward to snapping out of the cosy easy life of the Garden Route and back into a more adventurous challenge.
The bad part is we have to get there, travelling fast for a day through some dodgy cities were multiple scams are reported to have trapped the unwary. We are forearmed with good information, and a lot of experience, but still we will have to have our street savvy heads on again until we get up into the Drakensberg mountians where the fun challenge will be the roads and not the bad elements in the cities.
Game heads on, early start tomorrow……

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