Storm River

The garden route is living up to its name, as we move from Arch Rock to Storm River Park, (another one of the excellent SANPark network) clouds tumble over the escarpment in the morning sun and we cross a dramatic bridge, bungie jumping for the braver is available.
Once we reach the park we have a day of hiking around, they have a nice suspension bridge and a long technical hike (lots of boulders, rocks and cliff edges to negotiate) which is part of the Otter Trail and takes us to a pretty waterfall after 6km. Some poor hikers were on the 6 day trial with large rucksacks, I would not have fancied jumping from rock to rock with that load.
This part of South Africa reminds us of the west coast of Scotland in the summer, except no midges and the campsites are half full so we have no trouble finding a place to stay. Temperatures are in the low 20oC so really nice to hike in just shorts, T-shirt and a hat.
After the hike we treat ourselves to a nice meal at the park restaurant, steak and chips for me, I think we will sleep well tonight….
Morning clouds roll over the distant escarpment, quite a sight in real life but hard to capture in a picture
The highest bungie jump in the world is from the centre of this bridge apparently, they even have a Guinness certificate to prove it, Mark and I were not feeling brave so pressed on.
The mouth of the storm river is crossed by three, quite wobbly, interlocking pedestrian suspension bridges
Decent waterfall at the end of our 6km trek along the coast, we were quite tired by the end but a good steak and chips soon sorted that out.
Just a small section of the trial, they warned it could be quite challenging, which of course we disregarded as probably being for older people, after three hours of jumping from bolder to bolder or along cliff edges we recalibrated, tough enough for these over 60s (how did that even happen)
Tired and happy the sunset celebrates another good day in South Africa
The coast we walked along in wild with big surf crashing constantly on the rocks and a nice fresh breeze keeping us cool

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