Elephants and wobbly wheel….

Today broke our running record of blue skys and warm days with rain and a thunderstorm to wake us up. We decided to go for a little hike in the Ebb and Flow park anyway for about 5km before setting off along the garden route to just past Plettenberg Bay the Arch Rock campsite by the beach. While trying to find a supermarket on the way we embarrassed ourselves by ending up in a busy market the wrong way on a one way street. Much swearing and backing up resulted.
It must be low season as there is only one other couple here, not even the owners are here, so far. As we got here at 2pm I had the chance to check out and hopefully cure an annoying squeal on the front brakes, which is now hopefully cleared, but at the same time found a “wobble” on the front right wheel, thankfully I could remember how to strip the hub and tighten up the bearing so a few hours later the truck is back together and we will see how it drives tomorrow. Finished the day with a beach walk and a nice pizza at the local restaurant on the point, another good day in South Africa
Our morning nature walk up the side of the river, the rain and the thunder did not put us off, Nelson is under the trees on the river bank on the left. The river is unusual in that it regularly forms a sand bank at the mouth, floods and then the flood breaches the bank draining the river on a regular cycle, hence the name Ebb and Flow park
Driving along the coast gave us lovely views of the storms over the mountains
The dunes at the coast trap the water behind them in a series of lagoons with lots of wildlife so we had views like this for miles of the trip
We visited an elephant charity that rehomes and saves wild elephants while doing a good deal of research, nice to see them up close like this
This friendly lady elephant is trying to pick Marks pockets
In the afternoon I take apart the brakes and regrease the back of the pads to try to overcome an annoying squeal, while doing so I found one of the front wheels has developed a wobble, thankfully I remembered how to take the bearing apart and reset it properly, lets see how it drives tomorrow
Once all the mechanical work was done still time for a nice walk along the beach, some fearsome surf out there will make for a good lullaby tonight
The spray from the surf makes a find mist along the beach cliffs
Sunset on the walkway to the excellent Italian restaurant on the headland, carpacio of fish and excellent pizza.

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