The Tip of Africa

Many of us think that the Cape of Good Hope is the bottom of Africa but that honour belongs to a little place called Cape L’Agulhas so this morning we sought it out a few kilometers from our overnight camp, no one else there but they have a great relief map of the whole of Africa and a suitable plaque denoting the separation between the Indian and the Adlantic Oceans, one of those photos you just have to take. Emotionally I now feel like I am “heading back home” everything from here on is gradually taking me northward, first to meet up with Lee, Duncan and Avril in northern Botswana, then Poppy in Malawi and finally Nelson will go in a container in Mombasa in June for the long trip home (the war in Sudan means I cannot travel to Egypt and then home as originally envisionaged.
The rest of our day was a walk on the wild side, in that we headed to a town called Wilderness the gateway to a series of National Parks along the garden route, we camp by a nice river in one of the parks and Mark experiments with the BBQ making squash and baked potatoes which was surprisingly nice comfort food. Over the next few days we have only small amounts of driving, spending our time hopefully walking some of the trails, meeting elephants and perhaps a spot of kayaking in the gentle river systems among the wildlife here
The view of the Cape L’Agulhas lighthouse from the campsite in the morning, the southernmost tip of Africa is just beyond it
Nelson at the “end of Africa” no possibility to get a picture with the sign so you just have to take my word for it!
The famous sign denoting the separation between the Adlantic and the Indian Oceans
You just have to take some photos even if they are a bit naff, emotionally I feel like this is a significant turning point, all roads lead home from here
They have a massive and quite cool map of Africa at the point with mountians in relief, it was quite interesting to trace my route for Mark
The mountians of the garden route gave us lovely scenery all the way to our stop at Wilderness
Along the way a very fat cake required attention, this is pretty easy country to travel in, feels very much like the south of Europe


Nelson camped up by a riverside in the Ebb and Flow National Park which is part of the excellent South African National Parks system, really good quality camp sites in great locations
Baked potato in the BBQ not the usual fare for the South Africans but Mark is converting me to his veggie ways

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