The Garden Route

Breakfast in Cape Towns waterfront, sea food lunch platter watching dolphins play at Hermanus (sadly not whale season) and then we make our way to the most southerly point in Africa, a nice match with the South America “fin del Mundo” moment at the tip of South America, everything is northward from here on, we are turning round at the bottom.
On a more mundane note a branch mangled the top of my snorkel which was party rusted through, this needed fixing or the rain would run down the air intake, £200 for a new snorkel or 50p for a 90o drainpipe fitting with some neat hacksaw work solved the problem, sadly they only had white!
Tomorrow we will find the sign separating the Adlantic and the Indian Oceans and head to Wilderness National Park, maybe even a spot of kayaking on the river.
Breakfast view from the harbour waterfront at Cape Town, a good start to the day
Dolphins playing close to the headland at Hermanus while we had lunch, this is a big whale watching spot but out of season at the moment
Hermanus bay
Hermanus bay
The garden route continues South Africas good record of scenic drives, I have been positively surprised its a really pretty country so fa
As we approach the headland that is the southern most point of Africa the sea is quite lively and the surf creates a mist over the road
My broken snorkel, there should be a cap on top of this pipe
Problem solved for 50p with the use of a drainpipe 90deg bend and a hacksaw, much cheaper and quicker than a new snorkel

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