The most travelled Icarus ?…..

We travelled down to Cape Town today through the Northern Cape, which is lovely countryside all the way down, good mountains and surprisingly little population. Our mission was to lay a claim to the title of “the most travelled Icarus” in Cape Town the home of the Icarus roof conversion that we fitted to Nelson more than 6 years ago. Since then we have covered 72 countries and the roof and its sleeping system have served us very well.
Today we returned to the factory where it was made and had a chance to talk to the team there including Warick Leslie who had helped me out a couple of times with seals and bits for the roof when I was between trips. We were warmly welcomed by the Alu Cab team and had a good discussion about the trips and the design of the roof. We talked about a more robust and better insulated version for the European climate
With new caps and T-shirts we headed into Cape Town for a good steak, mine meat, marks cauliflower! A big marathon in Cape Town means the town will be packed this weekend so we are heading off along the coast to the end of Africa…
Lets see if the record is challenged once we post it up on the Alu Cab page
The warm morning sun tempted Mark onto the rocks, with his artifical hip climbing probably not advised
Sadly the top fell off my snorkel, so the rain could fall into the air filter, we have come up with the idea of sourcing a drainpipe 90o bend to fit on the top for now
The drive down through the northern cape was smooth but quite senic
Surprisingly little population and good rock formations on the way to Cape Town
Warwick had helped me out in the past with parts for the roof, nice to meet in person
The Alu cab team all came out for a look around Nelson and a good chat about our travels and feedback on the design
Mark and I with Nelson under the Alu Cab sign behind us is a brand new Defender with the new version of the roof
A safe hostel spot in the Centre of Cape Town, tomorrow with the “Two Oceans” marathon all the hostels are booked up so we are off along the coast, fitted in a good steak dinner before we leave tomorrow
The old streets of Cape Town including a mosque in green on the right
Table mountian over the city in the evening sun

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