Africa as you imagined it …

Africa as you imagine it.

We have escaped the floods, diesel’s fumes,hustle and bustle of Dakar finally with Guinean visas safely in the document folder. While waiting I went shopping for oil and found a nice french cafe to comfort me, tummy has now settles down nicely!


We head to Guinea and the landscape transitions from the flat hot plains to the lush hills of the interior, brick houses gradually give way to an increasing proportion of thatched huts and traffic thins out so that there are now many more animals than cars on the road.

Villages become smaller and more spread out, markets often slow progress to a crawl in the villages and we stop for shopping in the little shops bakeries and inevitable Petrol Station for our key supplies of diesel, coke and chocolate.

This allows us to use Nelson properly and wild camp by some salt pans and overlooking a lovely valley, we are getting into the swing of our safari now.

Today it turns out is Guinea Independence Day s we get caught up in the festive celebrations until the police help us out in Labe and mingle in the crowd in Mamou on the way to get dinner.

Tomorrow off to Conakry, according to some “the worst city in west Africa” for our next visa run.

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