La Mimosa “Airport hotel”

Pick ups are always a little tricky on this type of trips, with all the uncertainty of border crossings, breakdowns and the large distances involved we have a protocol that the arriving person always has a hotel booking for the first night so that they are secure.

Tony booked the very fancy sounding “La Mimosa” airport hotel and beach resort near Dakar for his arrival and after the day of the floods I was very happy to head out of town and was looking forward to chilling for a day in a nice posh airport hotel.  Given the horrible traffic in Dakar I left early at 6.30am to get to the airport hotel around lunchtime.

The airport Mimosa hotel was anything but…

As I was bumping down the flooded and potholed road I began to wonder what kind of a place this would be, turns out that it was not really near the airport, did not have parking as promised except on some waste ground outside frequented by spaced out drum playing rasta types and to get there required the engaging of low ratio drive box…..

Never the less it was a nice wee village and I hung around the car reading and setting it up so the locals had a good chance to come and chat, the owner allowed me to plug in to his power socket for a fee to charge up my batteries (still having problems despite the alternator change) and some folks invited me along to their little restaurant overlooking the sea for dinner while I was waiting for Tony to arrive.

The fried fish and rice that gave me tummy trouble for a few days

As it was a late arrival he had arranged a taxi transfer so I would not have to navigate the narrow streets and flooded roads in the dark, having seen them in daylight I was really relieved not to have to make that trip.

Anyway Tony turned up, dog tired so after some hellos we agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning and I retired to Nelson on his wasteland lulled to sleep by the village drum group practicing around the camp fire just beside me.  I was woken in the morning by the happy chatter of the village ladies who were queued up by a water tap on the other side of my truck to get their water for the day

Back in Dakar we went back to the place I had found by the port and were able to plan out our campaign while waiting for visas

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