“Give me money !”

Conakry stand off.

“You give me money!” The angry young policeman shouted again and again holding my passport and Carnet. “You give me money 500,000,(€50) , I let you go!” I patiently explain for the tenth time “sorry if I made a mistake (following a big arrow on the road, which apparently was closed) you give me offical ticket and I will pay it at the police station no problem” He stalks off with my papers, Tony asks “what do we do, now?” I reply, we wait…..

20min later accompanied by someone, perhaps a senior officer out of uniform, he thrusts my papers through the window, go go he says, the other older guy says “check everything you got everything ?” I confirm and he waved us on ….

That bit of excitement aside the roads are quite good between Mamou and Conakry so we make good time to the airport for visa checking and on to the Archbishops place where we are staying

There are attempts to bribe us multiple times per day, usually we can laugh and smile and we get waved along, this one was tense…fits in well with the city, up there with Indian cities driving is a near contact sport open up a few inches gap and someone will force a corner of their car into the gap.

Thankfully Nelson is a bit scary with obvious steel girders on each corner, and I am no stranger to this type of driving so we make progress. airport for biometric visas, Cote d’Ivory embassy for those visas, bank for money and SIM card topped up and out of town in 24hrs unassisted. Pretty good going for Conakry!

We stay in the nice courtyard of the Archbishops centre Tony in a room me in the truck, the nice people there allow me to flush the water system and we go for a Chinese meal just for a change. Back in Mamou by nightfall now ready for the trip south to Ivory Coast

Nelson parked up outside the Ivory Coast Embassy the parliament just ahead

A really good few days

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