After Almaty we headed south east to Charon Canyon, known as the “Grand Canyon of Kazakhstan” it actually does not have the scale of the grand canyon but it is really pretty and quite dramatic as you can see from the pictures below.

In the TV series “the long way round” this appears to be a remote canyon in the wilderness but in fact it is a very popular hiking route and there are stalls selling coke and crisps, but the road down to the canyon is really steep and has been badly worn since they were there so we had some fun getting into and out of the canyon, including not quite being able to fit under the natural rock bridge on the way to the very nice campsite in the photo


In the end we found a nice campsite by the river a little further down and settled down for the night as the sun turned the cliffs a lovely golden colour



If I can work out how to link in the video of Nelson scrabbling down into the canyon and back up again I will put the link in here.

The good photos in this blog are from Tony Borill of course !


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