Farmers wagon to Camper van

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The first phase of the work was intended to make Nelson into a camper so that we could gain experience running around Europe and the UK with the camper set up, but keeping the cost phased by not doing the modifications to the running gear and the engine as this would not be needed until we were in wilder places.  However two modifications did have to be made due to issues in the first few months of running the Defender, the first most major problem was the gearbox seized with much grinding of cogs – in this case a replacement Ashcroft expedition unit with a higher gear in top was fitted as a like for like.  This work done at Keith Elgin motors.  Then the front prop shaft hardy splicer bearing failed on a trip to Surrey, quick job to undo the bolts and drop off the prop shaft, allowing me to make it home with rear wheel drive only.


The modifications below were done over five weeks by Errol Wright of Coastline campers whose contact information you can see at the end of the post




Fit Raptor centre counsel to dashboard remote control stereo, 2x 12 volt & 2x USB switches for lights on roof rack, reserve fuel pump, rear wash wipe, and space for three gauges and further switches for lockers (Phase 2)

Fitted New speakers front & rear

Seats as standard for now (Phase 3 new seats and safari covers)

Exmoor trim centre cubby box with cup holders & locking lid

Fit bulkhead removal bar to allow seats reach and access to the back and Mud seat rails for leg room

2x flexi map reading lights.

CB radio fitted in shelf over driver seat in pop roof


Electrical System

Behind and under front seats fitted

Durite 1500 watt inverter and relevant cables (£290 for Inverter)

Battery isolator with removable key for main battery (ideal for additional security)

Marine grade battery isolator switch for auxiliary battery (Durite brand)

12 way marine grade pre fused switch panel housed in unit connected attached to fridge unit.

All relevant wiring colour coded throughout the fit out

National Luna split charge system with relay (£200) in battery box

Two new batteries (my preferred choice is Exide Dual AGM’s ideal for cranking and deep cycle (150 each)

Twin battery holder designed for Exide batteries from Extreme4x4

All Mega fuse holders for switch panel

Solar panel control system

Main isolator for all auxillary power systems

Three pin plug feed from invertor, Three pin plug fed from campsite power directly


Rear cab


Two layers of insulation on side panels (10mm foil backed foam followed by 30mm approx. fibre insulation). insulation to floor and wheel arches (10mm foil backed) Ply line interior 9mm to floor and sides, sides covered in velour trim lining carpet, , Poly safe non-slip flooring to floor and wheel arches with aluminium trims where necessary and  a stainless steel profile for doorway/floor capping. Fitting vinyl covers to rear quarters and fitting following to rear of vehicle:

1x USB plug, 1x 12 volt socket, 1x 12 volt 3 pin socket

2 x 240 volt sockets (one to rear and one behind driver’s seat.)

Plus light switches and 3x internal LED lights on two separate circuits



Rear Cab units


Front Runner gullwing window fitted first

Bench/bed on left side with storage underneath, three units on right with various cupboards and housing for fridge.

Table leg and relevant pieces. ‘L’ shaped which swings around

15mm Light-weight fibre board with grey speckled finish and rubber edge trim cut to size to form bed/table area.

4 pieces of medium density foam mattress covered in fabric (colour to be decided)

Webasto Cruise CR49 fridge

Small sink and Bullfinch water connector with shower hose

Single burner gas hob housed in lifting lid unit with sink and cold water supply to sink.


Water System


Safari Equipe 56 litre stainless steel water tank fitted under passenger side

Shurflo on demand water pump 45psi with inline water strainer.


Rear Door


Rear door gas strut

Rear door table fold up for cooker bespoke made


Heating system


Eberspacher D2 night heater and base mounting plate, CO2 detector and CO detector.

Eberspacher thermal control system for heater behind drivers seat

4 pieces of thermal blinds with suction cups.




Two Labcraft awning lights

Swing away wheel carrier with bracket for three bikes from Paddock spares

Bonnet chequer plating

Bonnet spare wheel carrier

Front runner Light guards

Camping gas bottle full and regulator and retaining strap, installed in FCX locker

FCX side lockers both sides

Sand track cargo tracks with quick release fasteners x4 and 2 stud rings for attaching padlocks

Hi lift jack brackets and additional fog lamp on left side

6 side paddle steps including backing plates where required

Hasp locks x3 on doors

Sand tracks x 2


Roof Unit


Fitment of Alu-cab roof unit including all lights and wiring

Fit solar 120watt panel to roof rear section

Tuff trek awning with sides

CB & aerial fitment

Curved light bar 50”

Slim line front runner roof rack

3 brackets and backing plates made for awning


Fuel System


Long range fuel tank 65 litre stainless steel fitted under drivers side

Fuel pump from long range tank to main tank

Switch on dash for fuel pump










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