Phase 2 upgrade

Having completed the modifications which changed the Defender from a farmers wagon to a Camper van body, in itself a big job mostly done by Coastline Campers.  The next stage is to sort out the running gear to make it robust for the long trips we have planned, in this case we are focussed on increasing power a little bit to help with the extra weight and strength of the drive train and the suspension, here is the plan


Checklist for Gerrys Defender work



Package 1


  • Source and fit Ashcroft lock diff’s for front and rear axles pipe for air supply
  • Compressor mounted under bonnet or under the driver’s seat (I believe they use ARB compressor),
  • Fit compressor on/off and front/back locker on/off switches to the existing raptor panel.
  • Provide an air lead with pressure valve and gauge to enable tire inflation and pressure adjustment.
  • Fit Ashcroft heavy duty half shafts front and rear and heavy duty drive flanges
  • Check condition of CV joints and replace if necessary
  • Replace any wheel bearings which are marginal
  • Fit heavy duty steering bars as suggested
  • Fit new bearing to the rear propshaft (front is already done)
  • New “wading” axle breathers fitted


Package 2


  • Fit “comfort” blue full polybush kit to all bushes
  • Renew steering rod end joints and seals.
  • New drop arm RHD
  • Fit heavy duty standard height springs all round
  • Terrafirma Expedition damper/shock absorbers with new shocker tower rings and nuts
  • Rear anti roll bar fitted
  • Check all remaining suspension parts for weak points and recommend remediation (additional cost) ensure all suspension lubrication is done.


Package 3


  • Fit new Allirad inter cooler 25% power upgrade version,
  • Renew engine cooling and intercooler hoses with new silicone based hoses.
  • Renew cooling fluids.
  • Fit profiled injector boost pin
  • Fit rev counter, engine oil temp and boost gauge to existing Raptor/main panel
  • Fit gearbox oil cooler to R380 box and renew gearbox oil
  • Inspect front of engine P gasket leak and replace P gasket if necessary
  • Replace air filter broken mounting
  • Replace missing exhaust heat shield



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